Trump is a spec next to our Gods

I felt today the immensity of the Gods. That Donald fucking Trump, his bimbette daughter/wife, his creepy clown faced sons, and the rest of the fool’s brigade currently heading our government are minuscule next to the power of the Gods. 

What is a measly Trump in comparison to the awesome sovereign giver the Morrigan? 

What is a measly Trump next to the ancient wisdom of Holle? 

What is a measly Trump up against the great Calleich?

What is a measly Trump pitted against the wisdom of the Allfather? 

What is a measly Trump against the ferocity of Kali? 

What is a measly Trump against the endless ageless great Gods from every pantheon??




I weary of suffering. Cliched but true.  I’m fed up with fundies and their solitary lonely killjoy god sucking all the joy and dare I say it- humanity out of the world. 

I’m weary of reading about hate and murder. And I wonder why so much of it has been perpetuated in the solitary god’s name.  I’ve reach a point where I can respect a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. However I am under no such obligation to extend such respect for their god.  My rage and grief are too great.  I’m tired of being expected to cow-tow to this ancient hungry beast intent on devouring the world.  Surely there are more worthy Gods and some are best left forgotten in the dust of history. If only the emperor Julian had lived longer, perhaps the world would be long rid of this plague.  Even my iPhone on which I type this keeps insisting that I capitalize “God” however no such autocorrect exists when I place the word into plural. This shit is old.  I want to bury this bastard and all of his hate mongering, terrorist followers. I grieve for Nice, I  grieve but I am tired of this grief.  Weary.