My journey to Holle was gradual and unexpected.  She is an ancient and wise Goddess who understands my fears, hopes, and dreams.  She is a keeper of the keys to every home.  Caretaker of weary mothers, children and lost waifs.  She simply is……..

For the Weary Mother Looking for Answers

Will I ever find comfort

Where can I find a friend?

She journeyed world weary upon the barren landscape, no tree to be seen on the horizon,  nothing to cut through the gloom.

She came upon a well, water to the brim, humming with the creation of galaxies

And wondered at the depths within

The whisper of knowledge released

Of fearful abandon

And what is communication with the gods but a type of madness

A giving in

A yielding to bravery and strength

She takes the plunge

The bone cold depths

And discovers the secrets of the past

To eternity and all that is

Song for Holle

I wrote this a few months ago for Frau Holle.  I think we need more pagan songs for devotion.  It is part of mine now. 

See you lady of spring

By the water with the long white hair

See you 

I’ll see you there

Meet me by the waters that run so clear

Hear the words of one

Who loves you dear

Holle holle please make it all clear

Holle holle Have mercy on me (2 x)


Sowing sowing 

All the life’s deeds

Sowing sowing the fertile seeds

Reaping reaping 

So I’ll be free

Reaping reaping

For my family 

Holle holle Have mercy on me (2 x)
When the sun retreats from the sky

When I see my life go by

And the sweet earth it grows so cold

Holle holle 

Take me in your arms

Give me comfort when I can’t sleep. 

Soothe my children’s dreams

Holle holle have mercy on me 2 x

Chorus repeat

When the first flakes

Come tumbling down 

And the winter’s silence is all around

The snow is sparkling so bright

I’ll sing the Lady’s praise on the longest night

For all the love she’s shown to me

Holle holle

you are my queen. 

Holle holle 

Have mercy on me (2 x)

Chorus to fade