In all the current chaos we pagans must not let our devotional practices suffer.   We give praise to our Gods in various ways, I write poetry and song, muse on the traits of the Wise Ones…..may a grain of such wisdom be imparted on me.  I was going through many various google docs and came across some poetry I am pleased with.  I may be sharing some over the coming days.  We need our Gods presence in the world.  We need an alternative to the current order.  We need a better way.

One for Odin

Old man

The one who whispers

With bold tenderness into a woman’s heart

Who finds you laid bare

Skin and bones

And applies the healing balm

Knowledge and fury

Breath and calm

Loving  life with newfound might

A determination  never known

He waits for you on the mountaintop

The Wanderer

The rune master

Sit beside him and hear his words

Let his breath fill your spirit

Let your souls be cleansed and bared.


2 thoughts on “Devotionals

  1. That is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing it!

    I find my devotional practices vary much depending on which God/Goddess is the focus, not just on me as a person. For example, with Nótt I get a very strong feeling that She doesn’t want my words. In fact I almost feel like I’m being chided when I do try to put together poetry to Her honour – with Her I feel my devotional practice is supposed to be non-verbal. Which is a bit of a challenge but I’m getting better at it! At the moment I’m doing a devotional embroidery for Her, it’s nothing super fancy but as a non-verbal expression of intent it feels just right.


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