An Odin devotional song/chant

Odin Odin 

I give myself to you

Odin Odin

May this heart be hard and true

I’ve voyaged long and voyaged hard

May wisdom come from you

Odin Odin
My knee is bent

My life is spent I give all rights to you

Odin Odin

Tonight I come to you

O God of war

Please make me strong 

O God of death

I come to you

Odin Odin

I give myself to you
Odin Odin 

I open my arms to you

May my enemies flee when they see 

That I belong to you

Oh Grimnir

Oh Runatyr


I come tonight to you
Oh he who sits on the highest throne

But still walks the land of men

With agony

Then comes strength

Ecstasy sought

I seek these things from you

Odin Odin