So Munich.  And of course there’s not enough information to be certain, and of course we know that not all Muslims are bad.  That indeed it’s little Muslim children that must suffer the most for their brother’s evil deeds.

I have a complicated relationship to Islam.  When I embraced the faith in my youth it gave me a sense of peace, as I have been out of the faith for sometime I increasingly have trouble understanding what I liked about the faith at all.  I get angry when I see the apologetics, because the hard truth is, yes that really is Islam.  The killing and winning at all cost, the destruction and intolerance toward other faiths, of course not all Muslims, but yes that is Islam.  Islam carried out to its logical conclusion. I hate when people pretend it isn’t. 

So I just sit here in the relative safety of my home as the world goes to hell.  


Fuck ISIL 

Ode to Manat

Before there was an Abdullah there was an Abd’manat

Slave to Time


Older than the oldest of stones

Bones hewn from the granite of the great earth


 You can’t keep a good goddess down


They circle their box

Shrouded in black

An ornate burqa

But beyond the barzakh

After it’s all done

They shave their heads

Before they go home


Mother Time

Cast your stones

No other, great mother

They’ve erased your words but

No merchant can steal the song

Or change the meaning of her great stone

Little boys run and weep

With their pricks held tight

In trembling hands

A goddess is a fearsome thing

To walk the land


And at the death of the merchant

It was the ancient Mother who laughed

Chastised , And brought the Fool home.

Song for Holle

I wrote this a few months ago for Frau Holle.  I think we need more pagan songs for devotion.  It is part of mine now. 

See you lady of spring

By the water with the long white hair

See you 

I’ll see you there

Meet me by the waters that run so clear

Hear the words of one

Who loves you dear

Holle holle please make it all clear

Holle holle Have mercy on me (2 x)


Sowing sowing 

All the life’s deeds

Sowing sowing the fertile seeds

Reaping reaping 

So I’ll be free

Reaping reaping

For my family 

Holle holle Have mercy on me (2 x)
When the sun retreats from the sky

When I see my life go by

And the sweet earth it grows so cold

Holle holle 

Take me in your arms

Give me comfort when I can’t sleep. 

Soothe my children’s dreams

Holle holle have mercy on me 2 x

Chorus repeat

When the first flakes

Come tumbling down 

And the winter’s silence is all around

The snow is sparkling so bright

I’ll sing the Lady’s praise on the longest night

For all the love she’s shown to me

Holle holle

you are my queen. 

Holle holle 

Have mercy on me (2 x)

Chorus to fade


I weary of suffering. Cliched but true.  I’m fed up with fundies and their solitary lonely killjoy god sucking all the joy and dare I say it- humanity out of the world. 

I’m weary of reading about hate and murder. And I wonder why so much of it has been perpetuated in the solitary god’s name.  I’ve reach a point where I can respect a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. However I am under no such obligation to extend such respect for their god.  My rage and grief are too great.  I’m tired of being expected to cow-tow to this ancient hungry beast intent on devouring the world.  Surely there are more worthy Gods and some are best left forgotten in the dust of history. If only the emperor Julian had lived longer, perhaps the world would be long rid of this plague.  Even my iPhone on which I type this keeps insisting that I capitalize “God” however no such autocorrect exists when I place the word into plural. This shit is old.  I want to bury this bastard and all of his hate mongering, terrorist followers. I grieve for Nice, I  grieve but I am tired of this grief.  Weary.