Great Pan

I recently discovered the Waterboys and their song The Return of Pan.  While I feel a connection to Pan I do not consider myself an active devotee of the God.  This song however is amazing, and I consider it a sort of metaphor for all of our Gods.

The song centers around the Christian myth (I love having those two word together btw) of the sea voyage and the sailors hearing the voice cry from above the great pan is dead.  Source:

However the last verse of the song states: 

Some say the Gods are just a myth

Guess who I’ve been dancing with

The great God Pan is alive!

This verse resonates strongly with me, not just as one who loves Pan, but for all pagans who love their Gods, who worship them with abandon and don’t give a damn otherwise.  I have no idea what the philosophical beliefs of the Waterboys are, but to this pagan, their song about Pan speaks to the soul and to the rebirth of paganism in general. 

Listen and love: 


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